We are hiring a postdoc in Theoretical Chemistry!

We are hiring a Postdoc in Theoretical Chemistry !

This postdoctoral research project revolves around a recent approach for analyzing electronic structure, “Experimental Quantum Chemistry”. The basis for this framework is an energy partitioning analysis that allows for the interchangeable use of experimental and quantum mechanically computed data. The objectives of the postdoctoral position are to develop general chemical concepts within this theory framework, to write code that allows for implementation on molecular and crystalline systems, and to pursue validation through computational design of new materials.

Deadline for the application is November 23.

Rahmlab joins the BondSlam2018!

Martin Rahm will be attending the 2nd European Symposium on Chemical Bonding (ESCB2) in Oviedo on the 3-7th of September. The purpose of this trip is to present a methodology for chemical bonding analysis, and to meet and share interesting results with leading researchers in the field.

In preparation for the meeting, our group have taken on the BondSlam2018 challenge! Martin will try to stand his ground in debate and argue for the need of more validation efforts in Quantum Chemical Topology . Interested chemists are encouraged to join the discussion online or in person!

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Materials in Extreme Environments

Martin Rahm presented new results on “Electron Configuration and Electronegativity of the Atoms under Compression” at a special “Materials in Extreme Environments” ACS symposium in Boston this august. Leading researchers in the high pressure material science community attended – it was great fun!