Welcome Siddhant!

Siddhant Sharma has received a Chalmers Astrophysics & Space Science Summer (CASSUM) Research Fellowship, and joins us as an undergraduate summer student from the University of Delhi! He will work on astrochemistry and the challenge of understanding HCN polymerization.

Welcome Alvaro!

Dr. Alvaro Lobato Fernandez have joined the group from University of Oviedo. He will help us expand upon our methods for analyzing chemical bonding, and use them to predict how chemistry can change under extreme conditions of pressure. Welcome Alvaro!

Alvaro Lobato Fernandez

Welcome Kjell!

Dr. Kjell Jorner joins the team from AstraZeneca, as an affiliated postdoc researcher while stationed in Toronto. He brings in expertise in machine learning, among many things, and we are happy to have him on board!

Kjell Jorner

Welcome Fernando!

Dr. Fernando Izquierdo Ruiz has joined us from the Complutense University of Madrid. He will be working on exciting challenges within Computational Astrobiology. Welcome!

Fernando Izquierdo Ruiz

Welcome Felix and Oskar!

Two physics graduates have joined the group! Felix Heijnen joins us from KU Leuven in Belgium to pursue an Erasmus mundus MSc degree, and Oskar Leinonen joins us from Chalmers Department of Physics to pursue his MSc thesis. Both  Felix and Oskar will be working on quantum chemical calculations on quantum computers. Welcome!

Oskar Leinonen and Felix Heijnen